9  Information policy

Allreal provides information on its business performance and financial situation twice yearly by means of an annual and a half-year report. Financial reporting is in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the provisions of the SIX Swiss Exchange Listing Rules. Moreover, the consolidated financial statements and the annual financial statements as at 31 December are in accordance with Swiss legislation.

Shareholders entered in the company’s share register will be sent a copy of the Annual Report and the half-year report. In place of the abridged Annual Report, shareholders may request to receive a full version or opt not to be sent reports at all. The agenda for the annual general meeting will in any case be sent to registered shareholders together with the invitation.

Analysts’ and media conferences will be held half-yearly. Furthermore, Allreal is subject to the ad hoc publicity obligation according to Art. 53 of the Listing Rules. The ad hoc communications can be accessed on the Allreal website: www.allreal.ch/nc/investors/ad-hoc-publicity/2018/. Ad hoc communications will be e-mailed to interested parties on request. Ad hoc communications may be subscribed or unsubscribed to via the company website at: http://www.allreal.ch/nc/en/media/media-releases-ad-hoc-publicity/subscribe-to-media-releases/

Further information on Allreal and the interactive electronic version of the Annual Report are available at www.allreal.ch. The address of the company and the contact addresses are shown on pages 168 to 170 of the Annual Report.

Below is a schedule of important dates:


12 April 2019


27 August 2019


26 February 2020


24 April 2020


26 August 2020