Details of the share and distribution to shareholders

In 2018, an overall performance of –3.3% was achieved with the Allreal share, based on the market price of 31 December 2018. This performance comprises the decrease in share price (–7.1%) and the distribution to shareholders (3.8%).

In the past three years, investors obtained an annualised overall performance of 17.5% (2016), 12.7% (2017) and –3.3% (2018) with the Allreal share, corresponding to an average constant return of 9.4% p.a.

On 31 December 2018, the Allreal Group’s market capitalisation stood at CHF 2,432.1 million. As at the balance sheet date, consolidated equity came to CHF 2,218.8 million, resulting in a premium (difference between the market price and equity per share) of 9.6% (31.12.2017: 21.9%).

The Board of Directors will propose to the annual general meeting of 12 April 2019 an unchanged distribution of CHF 6.50 per registered share in the form of a nominal value reduction.

The distribution amounts to 94.6% of the Real Estate division’s operating net profit excluding profit from revaluation effect, corresponding to a cash yield of 4.2%, based on the closing price of the registered share on 31 December 2018.