4  Group Management

4.1  Members of Group Management

Group Management is appointed by the Board of Directors. On the balance sheet cut-off date, it consisted of five members: the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Head of Investments/Divestments, the Head of Real Estate and the Head of Project Development. The contractual period of notice for all members of Group Management is six months, with the exception of the Chief Executive Officer, whose period of notice is twelve months. There are no agreements in place for severance payments or signing bonuses. For information on individual members of Group Management, refer to pages 20 and 21 of the Annual Report.

4.2  Other activities and vested interests

For details of other work and functions performed by individual members of Group Management outside Allreal see pages 20 and 21 of the Annual Report.

4.3  Articles of association provisions relating to the number of permissible activities

Each member of Group Management may hold a maximum of two remunerated mandates, not more than one of which may be a mandate with a publicly owned company.

4.4  Management contracts

Allreal has not outsourced any management activities to third parties.