Society and social responsibility

Efficient, capable and experienced employees are of major importance concerning successful long-term business activity. That is why Allreal attaches great significance to the systematic ongoing and further training of its staff at all hierarchical levels and in all areas of activity. In 2016, annual expenses of internal and external ongoing and further training on average amounted to CHF 540 per employee (2015: CHF 655). Moreover, Allreal offers young people the opportunity to enter working life by means of an apprenticeship programme. On the cut-off date it was taken advantage of by four apprentices.

An employee survey carried out twice a year ensures that conflict potential is recognised early and corresponding measures are defined and implemented on time.

Allreal attaches special significance to clear and unambiguous definitions concerning all aspects relating to occupational safety and safety on the construction site. Adherence to applicable safety regulations is therefore monitored in regular intervals.

Prevailing pressure on price and deadlines experienced in the construction industry increases the risk of wage undercutting and other violations of labour and social-security regulations. This is connected with a considerable danger of failing to reach the required quality standards, especially in cases of work being awarded to subcontractors, which is then completed by untrained tradespeople often not employed in conformity with the law. In order to ensure for all projects that the quality level of contracts awarded to subcontractors is being maintained and liability and reputation risks thus minimised, Allreal has taken corresponding measures. These measures include deeper verification of Allreal’s subcontractors and, in turn, their subcontractors with regard to maintaining applicable labour and social-security regulations, stricter inspections of construction sites, the duty for tradesmen on large construction sites to identify themselves, tightening of contractual agreements with contractors, and a restriction on the number of their subcontractors.

Allreal cultivates ongoing communications with various stakeholders, maintains contact and exchanges ideas with representatives of politics, the authorities, political parties and associations based on open and transparent communications with all dialogue partners.

In addition, Allreal supports cultural and social organisations within the parameters of long-term agreements. The company welcomes and supports volunteer work performed by its employees in their spare time. Moreover, the company demonstrates its commitment to society and to its social responsibility by membership in various non-party or politically non-partial organisations.

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