Consolidated cash flow statement

Owing to a significantly higher cash flow from operating activities of CHF 174.4 million and a massive CHF 347.7 million reduction in net working capital, the exceptionally high net financing costs (CHF –97.7 million) and current taxes (CHF –25.4 million) could be defrayed. This resulted in a cash flow from operating activities of CHF 246.7 million.

Investments in investment properties stood at CHF 50.0 million, as against divestments of CHF 98.8 million in this investment category. A purchase price of CHF 39.3 million was paid for the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Bülachguss AG, CHF 4.1 million of which was cash and cash equivalents. Taking into account the remaining investments (CHF 3.6 million), this resulted in a total cash flow from investing activities of CHF 17.2 million.

Borrowings decreased by CHF 177.1 million. Factoring in the payout of reserves from capital contributions (CHF –91.6 million) and the decrease in treasury shares (CHF 2.8 million) produced a net cash outflow from financing activities of CHF –265.9 million.

The decrease in cash between the two balance sheet cut-off dates amounted to CHF 2.0 million.